Social Sustainability

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Social Sustainability

Social sustainability often doesn’t get the same attention as environmental sustainability – but it’s one of the three key pillars of sustainability: which are environmental, social and economic.

Social sustainability is all about improving the quality of our lives, reducing inequality and poverty. It’s a broad subject with a lot of touch points. From childcare and education to social equity and inclusion, healthcare and senior care, diversity in the workplace and community outreach.

They all have an impact on our wellbeing, on our communities and our future generations.


Getting involved

At Fletcher Living, we have several ongoing initiatives from high level industry thought leadership with the NZ Construction Sector Accord and Climate Leaders Coalition and the New Zealand Green Building Council. 

At a supplier and contractor level, we hold regular contractor breakfasts and forums and support mental well-being through our partnership with MATES in Construction NZ and NAWIC – the National Association of Women in Construction NZ.

We support the health and wellbeing of our people through membership of The Equality Network, Pride Pledge and our own internal health and safety programmes.

We are also encouraging the next generation through our participation in Girl Boss, which aims to close the gender gap in science, technology, and engineering, and Smart Seeds which empowers emerging leaders to innovate, advocate and influence change.

Our career support starts even earlier through Fletcher Living’s University partnerships and Graduate programmes.  And that is by no means a full list – you’ll find us involved in local sport, schools and well as local community efforts – like Fair Food.

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