Future Ready Homes

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Future Ready Homes

Your brand new home is future ready

Our digital world is creating more and more possibilities for homeowners to enjoy the future of connected living – where security, comfort, lighting, entertainment, and environmental control are at your fingertips…or even voice control.

We’ve carefully considered what our homes need to be future ready and to give you, the homeowner the choice and flexibility to choose the features you desire to create your own style of connected living.

With opportunities to program devices within your home that activate to welcome you back, creating the mood and ambiance you want. Lights can dim, music can gently play, and the temperature will be perfect. 


Temperature and humidity sensors can constantly monitor your home to maintain optimal comfort and smart energy apps can ensure efficiency and environmental consideration.

It’s exciting, and with so many options, it can be a little daunting. Which is why Fletcher Living has been doing a lot of the homework for you.

The base technology we install in your home gives you the perfect foundation to build your connected future. It’s ready when you want to add tomorrow’s smarts and yet it’s perfectly capable today.

Future Ready is Choice

The difference between a future ready home and a smart home is all about choice.  With a smart home everything is already installed, and you are locked into one supplier’s architecture.  This doesn’t give you much room for individual choice or flexibility, should you want to add features in the future. 

A future ready home, on the other hand, puts the foundations in place so that technology can be added as the homeowner chooses. No hard-wired limitations but wireless technology or Bluetooth – so connecting future technology is easy and cost efficient.

Our home inclusions and specifications are constantly evolving as home innovations arrive and customer needs change.  Please note, homes previously sold prior to 1 July 2022 may not include Future Ready Home inclusions.  One way to check if your home is future ready is to look at the alarm interface - is it an LCD screen, or manual keypad.  If it’s a manual keypad it’s not likely your home is future ready, however, smart home inclusions are still possible, but the approach will be different.  If your home is not a future ready home and you’d like to include smart home features, we suggest contacting Smartlife.

Future Ready Features

Our Future Ready Homes are set up to control the three main functions at home:

Security, Environment and Entertainment


Feeling safe and secure in your new home is always a high priority. Alarm, camera, door locks and garage door technology has evolved, and smart home security features provide greater functionality than just security. See existing features and potential upgrades below:

  Future Ready Home Potential Upgrade, Post Purchase Examples of use
  • Model - Paradox SP5500 system
  • TM50 touch interface keypad.
  • 2 x 4 button remote controls
  • Upgrade your existing Paradox Alarm to a Smart Alarm.
  • Set your alarm - easily from your Smartphone anywhere.
  • Disarm the alarm without giving out the code.
  • When Alarm is triggered when you aren't home - you will get notified and can check the cameras / disarm.
Door Lock
  • Schlage Ease S2 
  • Convert your Schlage S2 to a Smart Lock
  • Control your lock from anywhere via your Smartphone.
  • Provision for a wired system by prewiring for a CCTV POE. No power cabling required to the cameras, just plug & play with 1 x Cat6 cable.
  • Home ready for either wireless or wired front door camera. 
  • If the alarm is triggered and you are not home you can view the cameras and make a decision - disarm/call the police. 
Garage Door
  • Doors 2000 garage door opener
  • Customer garage camera and door opening automation. 
  • Garage door control from app.
  • Open and close your garage door from anywhere there is internet, with feedback of open or closed.




Coming Soon





Your home environment is far more than just warmth and lighting, it’s how your home is performing. The energy efficiency, humidity, temperature and even the energy you draw to drive to work in your EV. See existing features and potential upgrades below:

  Future Ready Home Potential Upgrade, Post Purchase Examples of use
  • Panasonic Heat Pump (various)
  • Link your Heat Pump System to the Smartlife Control System
  • Control your aircon system remotely
  • Iconic switch gear enables humidity tracking and control
  • Iconic humidity sensor upgrade
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Leak detection
  • Iconic switch gear enables leak detection tracking and control
  • Iconic Leak detection sensor upgrade
  • Flood Sensor
Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Wall mounted flush box, 7.4kw cable & Future EV cover plate
  • Easily connect EV charger of choice into the home.




Coming Soon





The heart of any future ready home is the wi-fi hub. With ultrafast broadband you can connect your communication, power, lighting, and entertainment systems. With this foundation network in place, it’s possible to: scale up and down, adding seamless entertainment. See existing features and potential upgrades below

  Future Ready Home Potential Upgrade, Post Purchase Examples of use
Switch Gear - Lighting & Power Points
  • Iconic Switch Gear
  • Upgrades and bolt on additions available to a large amount of smart home products, such as, device-controlled lighting, climate control, and many more.
  • Ability to control lights via Switch, App Control and Voice Control
  • Group multiple lights into Scenes or Modes. Eg. Dining Mode, Movie Mode.
  • Link to Away Mode - To ensure all lights off when no one is home
  • Link to Alarm for security purposes.
  • "Lived in Look" when you are away
  • Linked to Burglar and Fire Alarm
WiFi Approach
  • Internal Comm’s Panel containing ONT. Cat 6 cable links ONT to WIFI router mounted in:
    • in the comms cabinet.
    • in a remote location (e.g. study)
  • A WiFi mesh system
  • WiFi Satellite / mesh router system plugs into any standard modem (rather than hard wiring connection points).
  • Ensure high speed Internet to allow for multiple family members living and working from home.
  • Wifi Access Points are hidden from sight but provide powerful Wifi around the property




Coming Soon




Your Future Decisions

At Fletcher Living, we believe it’s your choice to decide the level and complexity of smart technology in your new home.

You have the option to manage the upgrade installation yourself - as many of these involve a simple plug-and-play device. Or you might prefer to talk with the experts about how you can make the most of your future-ready home. If this is something you're interested in, we recommended Smartlife. Smartlife create and integrate automation products, solutions, and support services, and they're all about making home automation easy, accessible, and useful, for you. 

The biggest advantage of an integrated system is that it helps keep things simple. Rather than having multiple devices controlled by an array of different apps, everything is controlled from a single, easy-to-use app. This app performs multiple functions with a single touch. For example, when you leave the home, a single press of 'away mode' on your phone can turn off the lights, activate the alarm and lock the door all with one click. 'Arrive home' scene - turns on the lights if it's dark, deactivates the alarm, opens the garage door. 

Smartlife has designed a range of integrated smart home solutions dedicated to our future-ready homes which can save you up to 30%. They offer fully customised design solutions and support. They can recommend the solution that is the perfect fit, so if you want to keep things simple contact Smartlife on 0800 846 948 or hello@smartlife.nz


  • I’d like to buy one or many Smart Home Products, where do I start?

    First, you’ll need to consider how involved you want to be with sourcing, installing, and commissioning the smart home products. If you feel comfortable taking an active role in setting up your home with smart home technology, there are several stores from which you can purchase products, such as Noel Lemming, Harvey Norman, JB HiFi, PB Tech, and many more. If you think you would prefer a simple, integrated solution, where multiple functions are controlled with a single button push, within a single app, we recommend talking with the experts at Smartlife.

  • Will Smart Home Products work without having strong Wi-Fi?

    If you are considering incorporating smart home products into your new home, we would recommend that you consider installing a Wi-Fi mesh system to best support the function of the smart home products. 

  • Is on-going technical support included if I need it?

    Each of the companies that sell smart home products should provide some level of technical support for the products they sell; however, this may vary by supplier.  If you’d like a solution that provides well rounded tech support, consider talking with Smartlife about their integrated smart solutions. Fletcher Living do not provide post purchase smart home tech support.

  • Are there on-going costs with a future ready home, or smart home?

    Simply put, if you move in and live in your future ready home as it is now, there is no technology associated ongoing costs or subscriptions.  If you determine that you’d like to introduce smart home products into your home, individual companies you buy from, or products may require an on-going cost or subscription.  We recommend as part of your consideration that you look at the on-going costs that suppliers quote as you will be liable for these.

  • Can I see these products in action before buying?

    We’re looking at implementing most of these products into our showhomes, in the meantime, you could go to the Smartlife Smart Home Experience Centre to see the products in action, or any retailer that suppliers smart home products.

  • Who do I contact if something goes wrong?

    If there is an issue with items in the home that Fletcher Living provided at time of purchase, get in touch with the Fletcher Living Maintenance team.  If there is an issue with smart home technology item that you purchased, you will need to get in touch with the retailer that you purchased that through, or with the product manufacturer directly.  Unfortunately, Fletcher Living cannot help with products you acquired.

  • What would happen if there was a power outage?

    In the uncommon event of a power outage your future ready home will still be secure, the alarm system and the digital door locks have back-up batteries that would last much longer than any power outages. Other items in the house that are really on power, such as lights will not work. 

  • What would happen if there was a Wi-Fi outage?

    If the event where there was a Wi-Fi outage, this would not impact on the secureness of your home, more likely it would just impact the connectedness to smart home device you may have installed.

  • Do I need to update the software of the smart home products?

    With a Smartlife Solution your products will automatically update both software and security features.

  • How much does it all cost?

    If you’re taking on an active role and sourcing your own smart products, prices can vary from store to store. Smartlife provides solutions that include affordable entry level options that are modular and can be expanded on as needs change.

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