Thinking about moving?

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Thinking about moving?

A home to match what’s moving you.

Whether you’re growing a family, need more space for teenagers or have an empty nest you’d like downsize from, we’ve got the perfect home for you.

Modern, warm homes with all the space and comforts you need to match your moment in life. Check out our homes or read the tips below to find the home that’s right for you.

Listen to Niki & Kieren talk about their move to Red Beach

What to consider when you’re moving

There’s a lot to think about when you’re considering moving - the location, the home and of course the reasons for your move. We’ve put together a range of helpful blogs to help you in your decision to move.

The real cost of moving

Before you make that big decision to up sticks and move – it’s a good idea to work out exactly what it’s going to cost you.

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Selling your

If you’re currently looking to buy, you might also be looking to sell your home. We understand the time and effort selling a home requires.

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The low down on downsizing

Many Kiwis look at their long-held family home as their retirement fund. Consider downsizing and see the tips we offer.

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Why Fletcher Living 

If you’re looking for more space or perhaps a little less space, a brand new Fletcher Living home might just tick all your boxes. With homes in a range of desirable locations across Auckland and Christchurch, and plenty of sizes and designs to choose from, we’re sure we’ve got the perfect house for you - no matter the reason you’re moving!

Homes for sale

View the range of Fletcher Living homes that meet your budget in each of our locations.

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