Building a sense of pride

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This February, Auckland celebrates Pride Month, and Fletcher Living is also celebrating its own journey to promote rainbow inclusion throughout the organization.

As an equal opportunities employer, Fletcher Living encourages staff to bring their whole self to work. We love differences – in all their forms, and believe diversity make us a stronger and richer community. We also want our culture to reflect our customers, and over the past few years we have been promoting rainbow inclusion through a number of initiatives as a response to this. 

We realize that big business is sometimes accused of “pink washing”, so our team have been working diligently to ensure our Pride journey is genuine and anchored on real change.

To help us, we’ve partnered with Pride Pledge and become a Gold Sponsor. With their guidance we’re working to improve the safety, visibility, and inclusion of rainbow members in our workforce.

One important tool from Pride Pledge is the Rainbow Inclusion Stocktake, which enables Fletcher Living to track our progress in rainbow visibility, support and inclusion. In our most recent stocktake, our rainbow employees gave high satisfaction scores – which shows we’re heading in the right direction.

We also appointed a Rainbow Champion to lead the charge and drive awareness at every opportunity and there’s quite a full calendar of Pride related events in place throughout the year. From Lunch and Learn sessions, to Rainbow Tick training with some 90 people leaders, to attendance at the annual New Zealand Rainbow Excellence Awards.

We are proud to support our employees with a gender-neutral parental leave policy, paid gender affirmation leave and transitioning at work guidelines. We are also building on Fletcher Building’s Rainbow Tick Certification. Our view is the ‘tick’ is not the sign of a job done, Rainbow inclusion is a continuous journey of learning, of acceptance and diversity.

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