Our Sustainability Journey

We are forging ahead on our journey towards greater sustainability. Over the past few years Fletcher Living has made substantial changes to the way we design homes, and the way we build, source and dispose of building materials. We are determined to keep on improving the performance of our homes and protecting our precious natural resources to create a legacy we can be proud of. We have a dedicated team tasked to the challenge and are working hard with our partners and customers to deliver on our sustainable goals.

  • Building performance

    We build all our homes to be warm, healthy and resource efficient.

    Whether we are building high-end free standing homes or affordable community homes, we go above and beyond the requirement of the New Zealand Building Code.

    Most of our developments have been designed to meet Homestar 6 rating standards run by the New Zealand Green Building Council. All of our homes are Healthy Homes compliant.

  • A home for life

    When we build, we don’t just consider the way in which we build the home, we consider how the home will be lived in through its life cycle. We incorporate sustainable fixtures into every home, so people consume less water and energy and spend less money on heating, cooling and lighting.

    All windows are double-glazed and you’ll find the latest energy efficient heat pumps quietly ticking away. When it comes to water, we fit water-saving shower heads, taps that have a WELS 4-star rating, dual flushing toilets and energy and water efficient appliances - like dishwashers.

  • Low carbon homes

    We believe a low-carbon future is with reach for all Kiwi homes.

    To show what’s possible we’re building LowCO – a pilot homes project at Waiata Shores where four homes have been designed to use 9x less carbon over their 90 year life. In doing so, we are aiming to significantly reduce the climate impact of these homes and align with the global climate target of limiting global warming to below 1.5˚C.

    We are also partnering with Watercare to incorporate water saving technologies that reuse water and reduce water consumption to a mere 75 litres per person per day. Read more


  • Reducing building waste

    We’re working to minimise waste and recycle as much building waste as possible. We are now successfully diverting over 30% of waste from landfill across our residential development sites.

    We have put in place dedicated plasterboard, soft plastic and cardboard recycling, and where we can, eliminating packaging coming to site like unwrapped frames and trusses.

    We’ve been recognised for our waste reduction efforts winning a WasteMINZ 2022 Award for Excellence. Read more


  • Social Sustainability

    Social sustainability is about creating social wellbeing for our employees, suppliers, customers, and local communities. Creating inclusiveness, opportunities and equality. Read more

  • Affordable homes

    At Fletcher Living, we believe that every Kiwi should have the opportunity to purchase their own home. That’s why we are delivering homes at lower price points in our communities, as well as through KiwiBuild and our partnerships with Kāinga Ora, Iwi and Community Housing Providers.

    From 2021 through to now, 65% of our homes have been sold under the median house price in Auckland. Read more

  • Eliminating red list materials

    When you’re building, buying or living in a new home you want to know that the building materials are safe and won’t impact on your health, triggering asthma or other ailments.

    We are actively working towards becoming Red List free by 2027 which means removing products or materials from our builds that use substances that are harmful to human health or the environment.

    We have introduced environmentally friendly paint washdown stations at all our development sites to avoid thousands of litres of paint contaminated water from entering our soil and stormwater systems, and to save water. We will soon only use paints which are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

  • Sustainable master planning

    Throughout the entire process, from land acquisition to the construction of the final home, we maintain a steadfast focus on creating vibrant and resilient neighborhoods that promote health, well-being and safety.

    We prioritise the protection of streams, ecology, and stormwater function through careful consideration of site features and the implementation of sustainable design strategies.

    We look for opportunities to build in locations that have easy access to public transport, employment and have key amenities like parks, schools and local shops.

    We are promoting a shift to a shared economy by constructing a car-free community and conducting Electric Vehicle trials at three different sites.

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We believe a low-carbon future is with reach for all Kiwi homes. To show what’s possible we’re building LowCO – a pilot home at Waiata Shores with 7x less carbon. 

Learn more

Social Sustainability

Social Sustainability

Social sustainability about creating social wellbeing for our employees, suppliers, customers, and local communities. Creating inclusiveness, opportunities and equality.

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Sustainability Blogs

Sustainability Blogs

We have been on our sustainability journey for some time now, read all about it by following our blogs.

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Science-Based Targets

Science-Based Targets

Learn about our Science-Based Target for carbon reduction, progress and achievements in sustainability and discover our ambitious Sustainability Strategy at Fletcher Building.

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