Your home, your canvas


Your home, your canvas

Two homes – two different styles

Our new homes are complete with modern design cues, colours and finishes. Providing homeowners with a blank canvas to add their unique finishing touches.

To show you what's possible, we've taken this one step further and asked two of our Interior Designers to style two similar terrace homes, using two unique looks.

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Shades of green and detailed touches

6 Pepene Avenue, Waiata Shores - Designed with first-home buyers in mind – this terrace transformation is all about the detail. From shades of green and timber and bold feature walls - bringing the outside in, to creative rooms for fun and play – this home is nothing but ordinary and has been achieved on a limited budget.

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Open to view - 7 days a week - 10.00am - 6.00pm

Read more about Debbie’s inspiration in her Living-news article.

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6 & 8 Pepene Avenue, Waiata Shores have been specifically styled by two Fletcher Living interior designers as a one-off marketing initiative. The aim of the initiative is to provide inspiration on how buyers can style their own Fletcher Living home. This initiative exclusively involves the two stated properties and does not imply that other Fletcher Living homes will contain the same or similar features. These two homes come complete with standard appliances plus the addition of a new fridge. Window treatments and the wall paint/ paper finishes are non-standard additions for these homes only. No furniture or other staged furnishings will be sold with these homes.

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