Fletcher Living Referral Programme

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Fletcher Living Referral Programme

Referral Programme


As a Fletcher Living Homeowner, if you refer your friends or family you could be rewarded with $3,000*

Simply fill out the form below with your details along with the details of the person or family member you’re referring. If they purchase a property from us, they’re not already on our database and they sign an unconditional sale & purchase agreement (all purchaser conditions have been satisfied and the agreed deposit paid on the purchase), you’ll receive $3,000* That's double our usual referral reward!

Referral program

Steps to refer a friend or family


Step 1: Simply fill out the form below with your details along with the details of the person or family member you’re referring.


Step 2: Our sales team will review your referral to ensure the person you have referred is not currently in the Fletcher Living Database and all relevant T&Cs are met.


Step 3: If the person you have referred purchases a home from us, the payment will be made to you 14 days after the purchaser’s agreement to buy is unconditional and they have paid their deposit.


*Terms and Conditions apply.

Refer a friend or family member

Simply fill out the form below with the details of the person or family member you’re referring along with your details to participate in the programme.

* represents the required fields in the form

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Terms & Conditions

  1. The Referral Programme is correct from the date of publication (being 10 June 2024) but may change at the absolute discretion of Fletcher Residential Limited (trading as Fletcher Living) at any time. However, if an existing purchaser (the Referrer) has referred a qualifying purchaser (the Referred Party) pursuant to this promotional offer, and the scheme changes after the date of referral, Fletcher Living will honour the commitment to the Referrer provided the Referred Party confirms all purchaser conditions and pays the agreed deposit on the purchase of a home from Fletcher Living prior to 30th August 2024.
  2. An existing purchaser acting as the Referrer (and the party they have referred to Fletcher Living under these terms shall be referred to as the “Referred Party”) who complies with the following conditions may receive a payment to the value of $3,000 subject to these terms and conditions, namely:

    a. the Referrer must be an individual person(s), not a company;
    b. the Referrer must have settled the purchase of a Fletcher Living home after entering into a contract of sale directly with Fletcher Living;
    c. the Referrer must give Fletching Living written notice identifying the Referred Party (and providing Fletcher Living with the Referrer’s name, contact details and address of the Fletcher Living home they purchased, the Referred Party’s contact details and confirmation that the Referred Party is aware of and consents to such contact details being shared with Fletcher Living as part of this Programme and for Fletcher Living to use these contact details to get in touch with the Referred Party about their interest in a new home) before the Referred Party commences any discussions, inquiries or negotiations with Fletcher Living (and for clarity if the Referred Party has had any communication with Fletcher Living in respect of any development or home(s) and/or is registered on Fletcher Living’s sales and marketing database before they are referred by the Referrer they no longer qualify under these terms and conditions as a Referred Party);
    d. the referral of the Referred Party by the Referrer must occur after the commencement date of this promotion, being 10 June 2024, and the Referrer is not eligible under any other referral programme being run by Fletcher Living; and
    e. the Referred Party must enter into a contract with Fletcher Living, confirm all purchaser conditions and pay the agreed deposit on the purchase of a Fletcher Living home before 30 August 2024 for the Referrer to qualify for the payment.
  3. Only one (1) payment of $3,000 will be made by Fletching Living in respect of any eligible purchase settled by the Referred Party. For clarity, only one payment of $3,000 will be made for an eligible purchase of a Fletcher Living home, regardless of the number of Referrers claiming payment or the number of Referred Parties involved in the particular house purchase to which the payment relates.
  4. A Referrer can refer an unlimited number of Referred Parties under this Programme provided that this is subject to clause 3 and the Referrer will only be eligible for one payment per settlement of an eligible purchase by a qualifying Referred Party.
  5. If, after notification by the Referrer of the Referred Party’s details to Fletcher Living under clause 2(c) above, Fletcher Living already has the Referred Party’s details on its sales and marketing database Fletcher Living will inform the Referrer of this in writing as soon as reasonably possible and confirm that the Referrer is not eligible under this programme as the party they have referred to Fletcher Living does not qualify as a Referred Party under these terms. A Referred Party will only qualify under these terms if on the date of referral by the Referrer to Fletcher Living that Referred Party has not had any prior communication with Fletcher Living in respect of any development or home(s) and/or is not registered on Fletcher Living’s sales and marketing database.
  6. Payment will be made to the Referrer 14 days after the Referred Party has satisfied their contractual conditions under the agreement for sale and purchase and have paid their deposit.
  7. The payment is subject to compliance by the Referrer and the Referred Party with these terms and conditions and is not transferable, exchangeable for a discount or rebate on the purchase price unless agreed to by Fletcher Living at its absolute discretion in all respects.
  8. In the event the Referred Party has not satisfied their purchaser conditions and and/or not paid the deposit under the sale and purchase agreement for their purchase of a Fletcher Living home on or before 30 August 2024 the Referee will not be eligible to receive the $3000 payment under this promotional offer. However, Fletcher Living may in its sole discretion offer to the Referrer to participate in another promotional offer (subject to the terms and conditions applicable to that separate promotion which are available upon request) where the Referrer may be eligible to receive a referral payment of $1500 if the Referred Party settles the purchase of their home within 6 months of the date of referral.
  9. Continuation of the programme is at the sole discretion of Fletcher Living.
  10. The Fletcher Living Referral Program excludes all Fletcher Living staff.
  11. Unless Fletcher Living determines otherwise, this promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other promotion that Fletcher Living may be running concurrently.
  12. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Fletcher Residential Limited, trading as Fletcher Living, and its related companies, employees and agents, will not be liable for any loss, damage, personal injury or cost (including but not limited to your legal and tax obligations and liabilities, loss of profits, direct loss, indirect or consequential loss) suffered by any person arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with this promotion or accepting the promotional offer.
  13. Any tax obligations arising in regard to receipt of the monthly payment are the entire responsibility of the Referrer. Fletcher Living makes no representation as to the tax liability of the Referrer participating in this promotion and accepting receipt of the payment. The Referrer is responsible for any taxes and fees that may be levied or required to be paid by any law or government taxing authority in connection with this promotion, including the Referrer’s receipt of the payment from Fletcher Living. No tax invoice will be issued in respect of any of the payments made.
  14. All personal information collected as a result of this promotion will be stored by Fletcher Living in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020. Fletcher Living may use your personal information to conduct the promotion and for its own future promotional and publicity purposes. You will have the right to access and request the correction of any personal information held by Fletcher Living by contacting Fletcher Living in writing at Fletcher Living Marketing Department, 810 Great South Road, Penrose, Auckland 1061 or at hello@frl.co.nz.

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