Quality Workmanship

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Quality Workmanship

We'd be happy to live there too.

Your home is somewhere your family should be truly happy spending time. A great place to be together. So, we hold ourselves to a really high standard of workmanship. We ensure our homes are full of quality features and modern appliances, so that living there feels easy.

Since we generally sell completed homes, you can walk through our homes to check out the quality, workmanship and layout – before you buy. You'll be able to sleep well knowing that your home is backed by the strength of the Fletcher Living team and the confidence of a 10 Year Master Build Guarantee*.


* Our freehold standalone, terrace and duplex homes all come with a 10 Year Master Build Guarantee and the backing of the Fletcher brand. Unit title apartments and terrace homes are managed under a Body Corporate structure, where the common areas are owned and managed by the Body Corporate. Warranty claims and general maintenance are dealt with under this governance structure, in conjunction with the requirements of the Unit Titles Act 2010, the Building Act 2004 and applicable regulations.

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Enough about housing.

Let's talk about living.

Right now, it seems that housing is all anyone is interested in talking about.

The media. Your mates. Your mother-in-law. But the true measure of housing, is how it enables living.

That's why at Fletcher Living we build more than homes. We create neighbourhoods complete with parks, shops and playgrounds, well connected to schools, businesses, and transport.

In our new TV commercial, we've tried to capture living in our homes and neighbourhoods.

Enough about housing. Let's talk about living.

Over 100 years of practice



Practice and performance go hand in hand.

With over 100 years of building New Zealand homes, we’ve realised that close-knit communities don’t just happen by accident.

They flourish when we think beyond housing and make space for living.

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