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Easy Care

Very little to do.

Spending time and effort on upkeep, D.I.Y. and taking care of your home doesn't sound as much fun as simply getting on with living in it. That's why we build contemporary, low-maintenance homes, just waiting for you to add your personal touches and move the family in. So if you do need any tools, they'll be the BBQ kind.


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Enough about housing.

Let's talk about living.

Right now, it seems that housing is all anyone is interested in talking about.

The media. Your mates. Your mother-in-law. But the true measure of housing, is how it enables living.

That's why at Fletcher Living we build more than homes. We create neighbourhoods complete with parks, shops and playgrounds, well connected to schools, businesses, and transport.

In our new TV commercial, we've tried to capture living in our homes and neighbourhoods.

Enough about housing. Let's talk about living.

Watch it now.

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