Our Top Five Interior Trends for 2019

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The year is in full-swing.  To help you tackle 2019’s style, we’ve compiled a handy list of our favourite interior design trends…

Sustainability – set a solid foundation in your interior with timeless furniture and handmade pieces that use natural organic or recycled materials. It’s a lovely way to integrate sentimental items into your décor.


90% White, 10% Colour – white/neutral foundations with moments of rich, bold colour is very 2019. This trend aligns perfectly with Fletcher Living’s homes, which are deliberately finished in neutral tones to enable you to bring through your favourite colours.


Botanical Fabrics & Wallpapers – botanical inspired designs, from beautiful traditional florals, to straight up or abstracted chintz and lush tropical exotic, are huge in 2019. Using wallpaper and fabric in these designs is a great way to break up neutral expanses and add dashes of colour and interest to your interior.


Non-gendered bedrooms – steer clear of deliberate traits associated with gender and instead embrace neutral spaces layered with textures, shapes and colours that spark emotion, embrace personalities and reflect the individual.


Mixing Decor Styles – avoid outfitting your space with furniture from the same era – instead try mixing it up - modern with vintage for example - to make a space look layered and interesting. 

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