Introducing BUILDhers

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A home built by women.

At Whenuapai, a Fletcher Living development, the groundwork is being prepared for a remarkable new home. A home that will be planned, designed, built, marketed, and sold, to the last nail - entirely by women.

Called BUILDhers – this exciting new project is a New Zealand first and will see everything, from the architectural drawings right through to the final build and sale of the home, carried out by a team of more than 40 women. A new generation keen to demonstrate their breadth of skills, their work ethic, and showcase the career pathways open to women in the construction industry.

This aspirational project is the brainchild of Aurelie Le Gall, Branch Manager Fletcher Living North. She saw women underrepresented in the trade and wondered how more women could be inspired to take up tools in what has been traditionally a male dominated sector.

Having met many women in the industry over the years, it is evident there is amazing female talent in the construction industry, but they are often isolated. This home will be a platform for them to do great work together for one common goal, showcase their talent and demonstrate that it can be done. It’s about normalising the presence of women on a construction site –tradeswomen as well as female leaders. This house is only the first house and our goal is to see the women involved in the project continuing on and building many more homes with us.

I want to see women on construction sites achieve great things and be safe in the knowledge that they belong there,” says Aurelie.

Site Manager, Jasmin Lawrence, was given the task of pulling the project together. She’s got the day to day pressure of delivering not just a quality Fletcher Living home but a beacon to diversity and it’s hard to hide her enthusiasm.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d have the privilege to run a project with an “all women crew”. Diversity is needed now more than ever, and to be part of this movement is incredible. I am so honoured for this opportunity, and extremely excited for everyone involved. This really will be a milestone the construction industry will never forget,” beams Jasmin.

Same, same but hers.

The BUILDhers project will see a 4 bedroom standalone home constructed to the same high quality workmanship and standards as every Fletcher Living home. The same modern design, the same quality fittings and features – no difference in the home itself, it will have just been crafted by women. When complete, it will be a stamp of pride, opportunity and potential.

Anisha Bhattacharya Design and Planning Manager at Fletcher Living explains:

“A lot of the groundwork has already been done – by a team of women. That’s the planning, the architectural drawings and the interior design details. The site preparation is also underway which involves site safety and council requirements such as fencing, sediment control etc.  We’re really excited to see how this project develops and how it demonstrates our capabilities.”

All you tradie ladies…put your hands up.

With the actual groundwork due to start in July and the full build starting in September 2023, there’s still an opportunity for women in the industry or outside to get involved in this ground-breaking BUILDhers Project.

Jasmin Lawrence is currently assembling the team.  “We are still working on the “BUILDhers” team, with the aim to have all contractors confirmed by the middle of June, but we’re always keen to connect with women who can bring their skills to the project or who might be looking to transfer from another industry.”

The BUILDhers project will have its own webpage where people can follow the build progress, see all the different trades involved, and learn how to start a career in construction. You’ll also get to read more about the team building the project and get insights into their own personal career journeys.

And of course, finally – when the house is finished, it will be marketed and sold by an all-women team.

If you’d like to get involved, or know someone who’d like to become part of the BUILDhers crew, please email: 

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