Oke and Fletcher Living

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Growing Mighty Kids

Oke is a charity that gives Kiwi kids a helping hand in growing life and social skills to cope with the ever-changing world around them. Their “Growing A Future” initiative provides sustainable school gardens /outdoor classrooms, and our partnership can direct resources to classrooms in local schools near Fletcher Living developments.

Oke sources the funds to build the gardens, organizes and manages the construction process, and provides on-going support to the schools through the Oke School Mate. This teaches children about the seasons, what to plant, when to harvest etc. The gardens typically include twelve raised beds, a shed, a poly-tunnel, an irrigation system, tools, plants, soil, and worm bins.

Conifer Grove School near our Waiata Shores development received Fletcher Living’s first Oke Outdoor Classroom in September 2020, Te Papapa Primary in 2021, Oranga School in 2022, and Mangapikpiko School near to our Park Green development in 2023.

Fletcher Living provided funding support and brought along a volunteer army. In some locations, we have also provided fencing, and fixed or provided a new fit-for-purpose rainwater tank to ensure the gardens are well-used and secure. 

"It has been fantastic to have Fletcher Living on board with our school garden builds over the last few years. It really has been a win-win, as Fletcher Living has helped Oke to build more school gardens with both funding and volunteers and we've helped them to demonstrate that they are more than building houses and are really invested in the communities they build". Paul Dickson, Oke Charity.

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