10 Reasons why apartment living is smart living

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Apartment living is still a relatively new concept to Kiwis who have grown up with the quarter-acre culture. But as our population grows, and urban land becomes scarcer, apartment living is an increasingly smart choice for all stages of life.

New Zealand is playing catch up with the rest of the world where apartments or condo living is common. While we expect apartment living in highly populated cities like Hong Kong and Singapore, population density isn’t always the driver. In Spain, for example, 65% of the population live in apartments, with Switzerland, Germany, Greece and Italy close behind. So, what’s making the Europeans pick apartment living over the house and garden? Here are 10 reasons why apartment living is a smart choice.

1. Affordability: Apartments typically come with lower price tags, making them an excellent option for those on a budget. If the apartment is a new build, there’s also less deposit required over an existing home.

2. Low Maintenance: There is less upkeep involved, which means less time spent on maintenance. Apartments are also by design, easier to clean, usually on a single level, there’s no lugging laundry baskets or vacuum cleaners up and down stairs. The Body Corporate maintains the building, giving you more time to relax and do things you enjoy. 

3. Location: Apartments are often located in popular urban areas with easy access to public transport, nearby amenities and schools. So you can walk out of the apartment, drop the kids at school, and grab a coffee at your local café, it’s all on your doorstep. Many people even choose to lose the car and e-bike or Uber everywhere.

4. Energy Efficiency: Apartments generally require less energy to heat and cool, which can result in significant savings on utility bills. With modern construction, full insulation and double glazing, you won’t have to worry about the chill of winter. Or winter ills from cold, damp living. Of course, when it's summery and warm, you can also open up the sliding doors and enjoy the fresh air and cool breeze. 

5. Community: Living in an apartment complex can offer a strong sense of community, with the opportunity to get to know your neighbours and build lasting relationships. Many even set up sub-groups or have weekly activities. 

6. Minimalism: Apartments living can inspire a minimalist lifestyle, encouraging you to declutter and live with only the essentials, leading to a simpler and more fulfilling life. More stuff doesn’t make you happier.

7. Accessible for Various Lifestyles: Apartments cater to a wide range of lifestyles. Whether you're a single professional, a young couple, a family with children, or empty nesters, there are apartments available that suit your specific needs. From cosy studios to spacious multi-bedroom units, the diversity of options ensures that there is an apartment suitable for every stage of life.

8. Security: Apartment buildings come with security features such as secured entrances, intercoms, and security cameras, which can provide added peace of mind. The body corporation [RH(L1] also takes care of the maintenance and monitoring, so you don’t have to worry about fixing things yourself or whether it’s been done professionally.

9. Sustainability: Living in an apartment can result in using fewer resources compared to larger houses, as apartments typically have a smaller square metre area and require less energy for heating and cooling. Apartment living often involves shared infrastructure and amenities, leading to more efficient resource utilisation. Similarly, apartment dwellers tend to produce less waste compared to homeowners of our other products due to factors such as smaller living spaces and shared waste management systems.

10. Cosiness: Apartments can feel cozy and intimate, providing a sense of comfort and warmth that larger spaces may lack. They’re more manageable too, so there’s less stress and less effort to keep them tidy and comfortable.

While New Zealand might not be anywhere near Spain in apartment living just yet, our cities might just, as more people look to simplify their lives and have the flexibility and freedom to focus on what's important to them.

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