What really benefits you


What really benefits you

Gold-star Parental Leave Policy

An industry leading parental leave policy that includes 26 weeks fully paid leave for primary carers (or 50% of full pay for 52 weeks) and 4 weeks fully paid leave for secondary carers, with continued Kiwsaver contributions. We also ease the transition back to work with 80% hours at full pay for 6 months and provide new parents with an optional bespoke coaching programme.

Fletcher Building company share scheme

A scheme that allows full or part-time permanent employees to purchase Fletcher Building shares, and based on specific circumstances, can be awarded shares at no additional cost on a 1:2 basis.

Employee Welfare

Our employee welfare fund is available to help team members and their whanau in circumstances such as a death, permanent disability, or a financial hardship from an unexpected medical misfortune.  We hope that none of our team will ever need to leverage this support, but for peace of mind, it’s available.

Gender Affirmation Leave and Transitioning at Work

We want to make sure the work experience of our transgender or gender-diverse employees is as positive as possible, supporting them to be themselves. That’s why we offer 10 days of paid leave for people transitioning and a supportive environment to welcome people back into the workplace.


PlaceMakers / Mico Discount Card

All Fletcher Building employees are eligible for a staff discount card or membership via the app - to be used at any PlaceMakers or Mico store in the country!

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